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About Us

          Elite Rain Gutters has been in operation for over twenty-seven years creating works of art all over Southern California. Johnny Montealegre, owner and artist in his own right, discovered the timeless beauty of copper rain gutters when he visited Europe—it was there that he realized that this particular style, the way it’s handcrafted and custom-cut is actually an art form. For years he worked on perfecting his craft doing things no other company thought possible. He is known within the industry as a visionary man reviving this once lost art, blending European craftsmanship with modern technology, even designing his own signature copper products. No other company can match what he does. Johnny strongly believes that each project should be custom-tailored to fit the personality of the owner; that’s why he personally trains all his employees this age-old craft and teaches them the importance of paying attention to detail. Over the years Elite has grown as a company and has now become a family-operated business with Johnny’s brother Ken joining the team and embracing his brother’s passion for copper rain gutters.

Mission Statement
          Our mission is to provide custom hand crafted old-world European copper rain gutters to Southern California. Our team of professionals is trained to assist you in making your dreams become a reality.

Core Values:  
  1. To stay true to the classic European style craftsmanship while utilizing modern technology.

  2. That our products ensure functionality as well as a timeless beauty that lasts forever and increases the value of your home.

  3. We take pride in the fact that our product and service is unsurpassed by all and comparable to none—we offer unlimited possibilities.

  4. Our team of professionals is highly trained to treat each project as unique—we understand the importance of individuality.

  5. To always believe in the artist’s vision; “We don’t just do rain gutters, we create works of art.”

  6. To provide lifetime guarantee on all products and installation.

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